Law Firm Marketing Hacks : 3 Free Ways To Market Your Firm Online

As a Lawyer, you are an expert in your profession, and many clients rely on your expertise. You spend countless hours reviewing cases, defending your clients in court, supervising your paralegals, taking care of your family, and all the while trying to grow your firm. If we’re being honest, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on marketing. To help you save some time, we designed three marketing hacks to help you grow your firm’s presence online.


Getting personal is a great approach because it allows you to show the potential client the human side of you. By connecting with the potential client, you are able to build a rapport. You can easily do this online by going live on your social media sites, and just record yourself, opening up about the “why” behind doing what you love. This may be what gets that skeptical client on board. They want to know they can trust you. Don’t forget to post client testimonials as well.


Potential clients rely on you to know what they don’t know. Of course, without sharing everything for free, you can still share client friendly blogs and articles to show them you are the Right person for their case. Posting these on your websites and social media pages are key. Emailing these to past clients are also important. For example if you practice criminal law, see what hot topics are out there, and create a professional blog about it.


You have made it through law school, passed the bar exam, and continued to live your legal dream. You have already been doing this tip. Even when the client retainers are going well, and you are on an up streak, you must avoid what we call here at Rock Hill Video Company as the “Sales Trap”. The Sales Trap is the thought that “we are doing great in sales, so we don’t need to market”. Some of the largest, most profitable companies like Nike, Apple, and Amazon for example still create commercials and marketing strategies.

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