4 Essentials You Need When Working From Home

Transitioning from the workplace to home is not always easy. There are a lot of adjustments that need to be made. One of these adjustments is ensuring that you have the necessary instruments to do your job. Listed below are four tools that will make your transition from the workplace to home easier.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is an app that allows you to scan documents from your phone - a digital scanner. You take a picture of the document you want to send, and send it through email or another platform. Additionally, you can scan pre-saved documents on your phone. This is a useful tool because Adobe Scan makes it easy to send important documents no matter where you are.

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are another lifechanger. They allow you to have hands-free calls, and listen to music without the cord tangling. You also eliminate the possibility of the audio quality decreasing because of the wires/cords splitting. The coolest thing about wireless headphones is the variety of features they can have. Some are small enough to fit inside your ear and some are big enough to go over your ears. My personal favorite bluetooth headphones are the soundproof ones. They help me focus on my work by blocking out all distractions.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free file storage service that has many features including document, presentation, and excel sheet creation. The coolest part about Google Drive is it automatically saves what you create. If your electricity cuts while you are typing, you will not lose your work. If you'd like more information about Google Drive click this link.

Multi-Port Charger Brick

This item is a necessity for everyone. The ability to charge multiple devices at once is key for anyone that owns many electronic devices (as most of us do). This makes traveling with chargers much easier because though you may have to bring multiple cables, you only need one charger block.

Working from home can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. If you use the four tools mentioned above, you will be working from home like a pro in no time. If you'd like some more essential tools for working from home, check out BambooHR.

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