4 Essential tips for Restaurant Owners to turn cars instead tables during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Your dine-in is not empty, it's just mobile now. Okay, first let me say, I know this statement sounds crazy. I know because It's meant to sound that way. After day number WHATEVER of quarantine, my family and I needed to get out of the house and took a trip to Olive Garden. While sitting in the parking lot, I was amazed at how they literally converted the tables in their restaurant into numbered parking spots outside. As I began to observe this entirely new approach to their business, I couldn't help but think to myself, "other restaurants could definitely benefit from some of these strategies" As you know, now is the time to challenge yourself and your perspective. It's time to think about what you can control. With that said, here are a few essential tips:

1. Meal Deal Options

Having meal deal options will provide your customers with an opportunity to make choices in a time of uncertainty. Some examples of these are, take and bake kits, buy 1 get 1, family meal packs, 2 for $25, special of the day, free kids meals, and lastly my personal favorite date night dinners. You could tailor each one to your liking.

For example, your date night dinners could be spiced up with your house-made desserts, and even wine. If you don't have in house selections, think about teaming up with a store that you can cross-promote with. The main course could even be tailored to where customers can make it at home.

2. Marketing Signs

You need to have signs that are visible to cars passing by. Incorporate attention-grabbing colors. Use short yet eye-catching phrases of what you have to offer. For example, here are a few phrases below:

"Fresh take and bake meals only $25.00"

4 Course Date Night Dinner $35

Order ahead now. "

"Special of the Day

Fresh House Made Soup and Salads"

3. Distant in person, but sociable online

It may sound stupid or cliche', but it's important right now to be distant in person, but sociable online. Make sure your restaurant has a Facebook and Instagram page. That is a must!

Record you or your chef making a recipe. If you are at home, get your kids involved as well. Turn it into a Facebook watch party!

Make sure you show everyone washing their hands, no face touching, and make chefs wear gloves. Trust me. Highlight your employees and their personal story. Share how awesome they have been through it all.

Promote your menu with mouth-watering pictures. Please make sure your background is crisp and clean. Create a live poll of their favorite dishes from your restaurant(with pictures). Make it interactive.

4. Support local

I know you are most likely already doing this but It is important to support other local businesses. You could both benefit from helping each other out and the community.

Support those in need. Maybe it's an elderly community, a school district, families in need, or a shelter. You can call around in your area to see what's needed. See how you can help (without spreading yourself too thin) and encourage others to do so.

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